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Embrace An Organic Community!

Community Based Habits

Community Based Habits

Horticultural Management approaches landscaping as a community instead of individual properties. We can enhance habitat and improve sustainability all while creating beautiful environments.  

For instance, designing gardens with plants that can withstand extreme temperature changes and are drought resistant can go along way toward valuable environmental stewardship. Planting native species of trees and shrubs will promote natural wildlife that may otherwise disappear. The idea is to provide the habitat that can rebuild our flyways. Imagine more Monarch butterflies and greater proliferation of rarely seen birds right in your own backyard. 

Ultimately, when we plan our landscapes as a community we create substantial, thriving habitats for migrating birds and other wildlife. Native plantings will require less water and pesticides. And we build a living environment to be enjoyed for generations. 


> Ask for a consultation to create your community's habitat.   

Sustainability Bascs

Sustainability Basics

Let nature be real. Bring back the beneficial insects that we need with an organic landscape. Bees, insects and birds are a must-have to sustain our lifestyles because 89% of our food is pollinated by insects. Adopting organic processes rather than a chemical program will take care of the bugs we think we need to eliminate. 

Use your leaves as nutritous mulch and keep a little for overwintering, the way it was meant to be. Moths, butterflies and more will thank you for it. Forget fertilizer. Let nature do its thing. Gardens can be designed with plants that will grow to their potential. Eliminate 20% of your lawn and plant a meadow or pollinator garden instead of a thirsty, chemical induced lawn of high maintenance grass. 

> Get back to your cycle of life!

Beauty of Beneficials

The Beauty of Beneficials

If you look at bugs differently, they really are beautiful. They're our friends because they take care of us by pollinating our foods and give joy as you will see, if you plant more on your property! If we plant as a community, focusing on pollinator flowers, shrubs and trees that are native to our region, we can eliminate chemical treatments and ensure the beauty of a natural habitat for generations to come. Enjoy the Monarch butterflies, and migrating birds as they change with the seasons.


You may not think of bats as helpful, but they take care of the bugs we don't want hanging around, and again, eliminate chemicals. Not to mention the sounds of nature you will enjoy that beautifully serenade. 

> Learn how to go natural...

Planting Intitiative

The Fall Planting Promise Initiative

Check back here to learn how we can help your community embrace organic landscaping. The Fall season is when time is on our side!

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Community Based. Nature Approved.

We see landscapes made up of neighboring gardens. Sustainable sanctuaries of environmental stewardship. They’re beautiful and they restore migratory flyways. Monarch butterflies will visit in the Fall as they return to Mexico. Indigo Buntings, Grosbeaks, Flycatchers and Warblers will arrive in the Spring. Pollinators and insect loving birds will thrive. Be an activist who can affect change for generations. Build a community habitat the way nature intended. 

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